A competitive strategy RPG.

Lead a group of medieval mercenaries in their hasty search for a legendary trinket.

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Real-Time Strategy

  • • Competitive Gameplay
  • • Territory Fights
  • • Base Building

RPG-Style Armies

  • • ~50 collectible Weapons, Helmets, Shields, Armor, ...
  • • Male & Female Medieval Warriors
  • • Units have unique backgrounds and traits, gain experience and level up

Turn-Based Combat

  • • Permadeath
  • • Injury System
  • • Friendly Fire

Minimum System Requirements

OS Windows® 10, 64-bit
CPU 2 GHz Dual-Core
Disk 500 MB available
Graphics OpenGL 3.3 compatible
Network Broadband Internet connection


Made by a single developer using LWJGL, Forged Legions is inspired by Overhype Studio's masterpiece Battle Brothers and Blizzard's classic Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

It aims to combine the deadly tactical combat and unit progression of BB with the real-time territory fights of WC3.